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In this final part of his study into the problems of GM foods Mike provides a summary and asks “Can the Biotech Corporations be trusted?”

In his study of the problems of GM foods Mike asks “Are GM products safe for animals and humans to consume?”

In this Paper Mike looks at 2 important environmental problem areas and the issues around testing and licensing of GM crops.

Mike Hillard looks at the most important facts about Genetically Engineered Agriculture and considers the independent scientific research and some empirical evidence from the growing use of GMO’s around the world.

What is it and how does it differ from what we had before?

Are there better solutions than those currently on offer?

Setting the Scene When I started designing Tranquility (T) with the intention of making it the lowest energy (financially effective) house I could, I quickly realised that conventional SHW systems didn’t seem to be remotely viable.  Or at least they could not be effective as sold.  Having already concluded solar PV was hopeless this was […]

You may have noticed quite opposing opinions about how Britain’s debt is to be dealt with.  Both  the politicians and economists and struggling, some arguing we should start to reduce the increase in the debt now and some arguing we should do it later when the recovery is well under way.  So why is this […]

So what is a ‘Tipping Point’? The climate has varied considerably over historic time but in recent geological history (more than 1 million years) has always been between certain limits, and while in this range most climate situations have already existed.  When and if climate exceeds these boundaries then a whole new range of impacts […]

It is easy to be misunderstood on immigration and it is already clear the politicians are only trying to be ‘politically correct’ and win votes.  I have no such constraints – my approach is purely numeric and the approach nothing but academic.  If we get hung up on the fear of being considered prejudiced we […]