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How the politicians have turned to negative campaigning

David Cameron has said today he would require any Prime Minister who was ‘unelected’ to face a General Election within 6 months of taking over.  He is of course referring to the fact that Gordon Brown was an ‘unelected’ Prime Minister.  But I thought we had a Prime Minister not a President. Much as I […]

There is now an argument between the parties about CCTV cameras.  Whatever next!  And along with the cameras they are arguing about ‘Broken Britain’. The trouble is that all the parties operate in a strange world where they constantly compare recent figures using only those (often incorrect anyway) that support their cause.  It is almost […]

You may have noticed quite opposing opinions about how Britain’s debt is to be dealt with.  Both  the politicians and economists and struggling, some arguing we should start to reduce the increase in the debt now and some arguing we should do it later when the recovery is well under way.  So why is this […]

Just how overpopulated are we? – At our current rates of consumption the UK’s sustainable population simply based on land is just 21.8M, but when we take other factors into account it is even lower. We are at least 3 times overpopulated already – - – -

Of course the comparison here will be with a true democracy, not with what we have, but what would Proportional Representation mean to us now? Our ‘democracy’ allows each of us to vote for the person to represent us in Parliament, and while this person may be a member of a Political Party they can […]

The First of a Series on Climate Change Part 1 There is so much discussion on this subject, and so much of it is contradictory, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed – but hopefully not here. To get the answer wrong would be dreadful. If it is happening and we do nothing – disaster. […]

Part 2 of the Climate Series The ‘tipping point’ is reached when climate runs away with itself because the temperature has moved above where it has historically been. No matter what action we then took – our climate would change all by itself hugely and fast.  It would be climate mayhem. Those negotiating at Copenhagen […]

Mike’s combined list of abilities and achievements are pretty rare – some say unequalled, but Mike would argue we are all different. Academically at the age of 10 he came top in the 11 plus exams in Middlesex with 100% in all papers. He gained scholarships to Harrow, Mill Hill and Christs Hospital; the latter […]

So what is a ‘Tipping Point’? The climate has varied considerably over historic time but in recent geological history (more than 1 million years) has always been between certain limits, and while in this range most climate situations have already existed.  When and if climate exceeds these boundaries then a whole new range of impacts […]