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Mike considers some pitfalls with both the system design for underfloor heating and its operation, and explains why it is expensive to operate and much more expensive (unnecessarily so) to install.

So what was that about a possible Sting in the Tail? – see Part 3 The argument was that by requiring BP to set aside unconscionable amounts of money to cover any possible expense claims for the Gulf oil spill, this could so weaken BP that it might be broken up or taken over. Companies […]

Solar Hot Water (SHW) Blog 2 The Tranquility System and how SHW can work Tranquility is all but self sufficient in hot water with an annual bill below £10 for the gas used. But this is light years ahead of systems for sale.  White Paper 1 proved how little heat normal systems actually collect, and […]

A growing number of people, including those with Solar Hot Water systems already installed, are asking just how well they work and what they save.  The trouble is that houses with them don’t know when the boilers are heating the water – they just know when the sun is, but that is extremely different.  So […]

Setting the Scene When I started designing Tranquility (T) with the intention of making it the lowest energy (financially effective) house I could, I quickly realised that conventional SHW systems didn’t seem to be remotely viable.  Or at least they could not be effective as sold.  Having already concluded solar PV was hopeless this was […]

James Lovelock White Paper Considered thoughts on the James Lovelock Guardian Interview The UEA e-mails: I have also not read them as I know they have been selected from probably 10,000 e-mails, and if just these few could be found to create some mayhem then I reckon that is amazing.  The independent review has also […]

This blog is not comparing makes of burners but compares the two primary types of wood burners – the normal one and the room sealed products.  Those who sell non room sealed will not normally make the distinction unless you ask. The Normal Wood Burner This type of stove simply burns the wood in a […]

We have shown that Solar PV is of no value to the house that has it installed or the planet, so are GSHPs our salvation? Well, let’s take a detailed look at them as there is a lot of controversy that we might be able to sort out.  I have spoken on them publicly several […]

I really don’t understand why there is so much difficulty knowing how to move to a zero carbon Britain.  Government spends many years in confusion which confuses the population and disrupts investment as corporations don’t know what to invest in.  Even now some awful investment decisions have been taken as a result of EU policy, […]

Does the recent cold snap in certain parts of the world mean another ice age or the climate isn’t getting warmer?  First we need to understand the difference between climate and weather. Weather is what happens outside today, tomorrow, this winter or even over several seasons, whereas climate is what is averagely happening right around […]