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White Paper 1 showed that existing systems don’t work very well, don’t collect a lot of hot water and certainly nowhere near what is claimed in the marketing hype.  They are also extremely cost ineffective.  But in that first Paper I did say the Tranquility (T) project had significantly developed the basic concept to solve […]

A growing number of people, including those with Solar Hot Water systems already installed, are asking just how well they work and what they save.  The trouble is that houses with them don’t know when the boilers are heating the water – they just know when the sun is, but that is extremely different.  So […]

Setting the Scene When I started designing Tranquility (T) with the intention of making it the lowest energy (financially effective) house I could, I quickly realised that conventional SHW systems didn’t seem to be remotely viable.  Or at least they could not be effective as sold.  Having already concluded solar PV was hopeless this was […]