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So what was that about a possible Sting in the Tail? – see Part 3 The argument was that by requiring BP to set aside unconscionable amounts of money to cover any possible expense claims for the Gulf oil spill, this could so weaken BP that it might be broken up or taken over. Companies […]

Given that nearly all the operation in the Gulf of Mexico is American, with Transocean owning and operating the rig; Halliburton involved; the employees mostly American and with the US regulator in charge – it is pretty amazing how BP is bowing and scraping.  Wonder why. The best guess is that they were aware how […]

The hugely strident approach of the America administration – and now particularly Obama – may come back to haunt them (and all of us) but how could that be? Well, it is a matter of fact that the attacks on BP have caused its share price to crash, and while this has serious implications for […]

Often we don’t like the truth but that doesn’t change it. There were so many of us who were so hopeful Obama would show a new and moral side to American politics but yet again those hopes have already been dashed.  So soon as well and so totally. Having originally seemingly been allowing the business […]

Environmentalists and oil don’t go together and never will, but there is a lot for us to learn from the spill and more from the reaction to it. The blowing of this deep well is a big environmental problem but in the US it is referred to as a ‘catastrophe’, a ‘Wildlife Apocalypse’ or an […]