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A look at carbon dioxide levels, temperature and temperature changes and their effect on climate change

Considering the possibility that extreme weather patterns are the result of a warming climate –

EU Fishing

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A Solution to the EU Fishing Policy fiasco and an end to the ‘discard’ policy where dead fish are thrown back …

We have seen that changes in the ice are serious markers of a warming or cooling planet and some of the best and most obvious early warning signs, but what is actually happening to the ice?

And are we ignoring it? We don’t actually need the IPCC reports or to understand the Climate Models to be pretty certain we have a problem with the climate; it is big, and will get a whole lot worse.  The complexity of climate makes most of us assume we cannot do more than follow the […]

If so what does it tell us?
Are there certain parts of our planet that are the early warning regions showing us how the climate is already responding and how it will continue to respond? Well, yes actually …

So what was that about a possible Sting in the Tail? – see Part 3 The argument was that by requiring BP to set aside unconscionable amounts of money to cover any possible expense claims for the Gulf oil spill, this could so weaken BP that it might be broken up or taken over. Companies […]