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Of course the comparison here will be with a true democracy, not with what we have, but what would Proportional Representation mean to us now? Our ‘democracy’ allows each of us to vote for the person to represent us in Parliament, and while this person may be a member of a Political Party they can […]

DEMOCRACY – WHAT DEMOCRACY? Could we first consider what the fundamentals of a Democracy are?  It is meant to be Government of the people by the people for the people. Our Members of Parliament should work for their constituents and vote as their constituents want. It also requires we all have an equal say.  One […]

DEMOCRACY – WHAT DEMOCRACY? The voting system currently in force means the Conservatives need to get 6% more of the vote than the Labour party to have the same number of MP’s.  Doesn’t seem to be very democratic does it?  So everybody is discussing what happens if nobody wins enough to form a government, which […]

DEMOCRACY – WHAT DEMOCRACY? I will suggest this first public debate demonstrated a lot, and many things the media don’t seem to be picking up on, but mostly how awful our political system is.  When these debates are finished we will look at how effectively they have informed us what each party will do against […]

DEMOCRACY – WHAT DEMOCRACY? We now have all the Manifestos launched and seemingly we are faced with confusion as there are already massive disagreements about whose figures are right. The Lib Dems and Conservatives both tell us the Labour party’s figures as published in their manifesto “don’t add up”, so presumably they both know how […]

How should we decide which party to support? Well, there are umpteen issues which affect us and which we could sensibly assume should be part of our decision making process.  So let’s think about a few of them and see how it affects our decision. When we think about Education we may like the Labour […]

With the coming election I notice a big effort to try to get all of us to vote, even to the point where it seems Facebook has joined in by sending reminders to people to register for voting.  Gosh, is that what democracy is coming to. Now I wish to live in a democracy but […]