Biomass & Wood Chips:

Wood Chip Power Stations – most governments, including the EU, the English, Welsh and Scottish are supporting this form of power generation as a renewable energy and subsidising it to encourage it, but have they got it right or dreadfully wrong? ….

Normal and ‘Room Sealed’ domestic wood burners compared – the differences are explained and advice given….

White PaperLarge Scale Wood Chip Power Stations – are they sustainable; is there enough global forest to supply them; what will the impact be on the rainforest; are they low carbon or actually not? And will any built still be working through the years to come? ….

Ground Source Heat Pumps:

White PaperAre Ground Source Heat Pumps an answer? – are they efficient, cost effective, low carbon or even sustainable? The cost and carbon implication are examined in detail ….

Solar PV:

Solar PV; the cost of generation & The Feed in Tariff – how expensive is PV electricity .. can you make a profit even with the FiT .. what is the impact on the Grid….

Solar PV & when does it produce power through the year? – what happens to the amount of power generated month by month and what impact does that have on it’s viability?….

Solar PV & when does it produce through each 24 hours? – a good look at how much is generated across each day through the year.. and what that means to the economics of renewable energy….

Solar PV compared with Wind – with wind being less variable than Solar, the capital costs, investment required & outputs of the two are compared – if wind is unreliable, how come PV is OK and subsidised so heavily?….

White PaperSolar PV – is it good? – A detailed analysis of the entire system and conclusions which may be difficult to argue with….

Solar Hot Water:

Solar Hot Water – How well does it work? – maybe uncomfortable information but until we know how well it works we won’t know how to improve it….

Solar Hot Water – How well can it work? – a quick introduction to the principles of how Tranquility’s hot water bill is less than £10/yr….

White PaperHow well do existing systems work? – the first detailed report backed by a lot of data showing what current systems actually produce… and it isn’t the “up to 70%” the marketing hype would have you believe….

White Paper And how well can it really work? – the first detailed analysis showing how the system here does what it does … and that similar performing systems will be able to be retro-fitted to nearly all houses….

Energy in the Home:

White PaperUnder Floor Heating – Is it effective or not? – In this Paper firstly we consider the problems of designing underfloor heating systems, showing why they are hugely and unnecessarily expensive to install, and then explain why they are also expensive to operate….