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Given that generating electricity from wind and sun are two prime marketed ways of making it, I think we should at least compare them properly, and anyway we compared their outputs across the year on our first chart.  So we know wind tends to generate when we need it, but how cost effective is it […]

Showing what a mismatch PV generation is compared with our demand across the year is one thing, but what about comparing production and demand for all the days through the year?  Does it at least generate each day when we need it? I have not seen this done before either, but it isn’t difficult and […]

We have looked on Blog 1 at the cost of producing electricity from the sun with PV panels, but what about when they produce it?  We now know just how uneconomic it is but does it at least generate when we need it? Surely the best generators would broadly be able to produce most when […]

As from a few days time people who install Solar PV (Photo Voltaic panels that make electricity from the sun) will be able to get what is called a FiT (Feed in Tariff) for all the power they generate – including what they use themselves.  This amounts to a truly huge subsidy as you will […]

Copyright Mike Hillard 23rd March 2010 [Making electricity from the sun] One thing to recognize is that not too many people have actually installed PV yet, which does suggest it is not financially exciting without a subsidy.  But as I keep meeting confusion about what ‘Solar’ is, can I make sure we are all in […]