And are we ignoring it?

We don’t actually need the IPCC reports or to understand the Climate Models to be pretty certain we have a problem with the climate; it is big, and will get a whole lot worse.  The complexity of climate makes most of us assume we cannot do more than follow the media and get confused.  Not true.

The Poles will show us what is coming and particularly the Arctic for various reasons:

  • First the Antarctic contains vast quantities of ice – enough to raise sea level by 60 metres – and it is extremely cold.  There is therefore a huge cold thermal mass there which will take enormous amounts of heat to change whereas the Arctic ice floats so can melt from both sides.
  • There is a huge damper on the climate across much of the world which is delaying it reacting fully to the amount of CO2 we have already pushed into the atmosphere. But one major damper has almost no Polar effect so allows the Poles to show the way for climate. It is called The Parasol.

It is caused mostly by burning fossil fuels, so the thing that causes the Greenhouse also causes the Parasol, but that is NOT good news.

The Parasol: Is all the non CO2 emissions of combustion – or the other pollutants which includes the rubbish.  It is therefore emitted almost exclusively by the developed world – almost all in the northern hemisphere and in the mid latitudes. The Parasol is therefore at its densest in this region because the planet rotates and the elements of the Parasol don’t stay in the atmosphere for long.  It reflects arriving solar energy straight back into space which stops us getting as warm as we would without it. We don’t need to be scientists to understand how it works, or to know it is there as there are many examples that we can see with our own eyes.

A Blog cannot give sufficient information, so the full explanation is given in the Climate Change White Paper.

As the Parasol is transient, the value of it now is what is being emitted now whereas the Greenhouse is cumulative.  So as the world has to burn less fossil fuel because there is less – the Greenhouse will become predominant.  And as the Parasol is broadly over mid northern latitudes – in this region the impact of climate change at the moment will be the lowest anywhere in the world.  But this is where all the decision makers live!

So the Arctic shows us what is happening – and already the temperature is up a horrifying over 6° in places.  When we additionally take account of the positive feedback of melting ice – where as ice melts the highly reflective ice is replaced by non-reflective ocean – we know we will see rapidly escalating temperatures there, and as the Arctic temperature rises further, the same will start to happen to the Greenland ice cap.  And that contains enough water to raise sea levels by 7 metres!

And on top of this, the Gulf Stream must at least be affected by a warming climate.  So this should at least reduce its flow which would bring less warmth from the Gulf of Mexico – and that could change the rate if ice loss as well.

The Climate Sceptics pick climate events to show there is no climate change but these can be explained when you understand more about climate.  They misinterpret the information.  But their time is nearly up as events are going to run away with us, and then we will say “If only we had heeded the scientists and environmentalists from the start because the mountain to climb is indeed now high.