A growing number of people, including those with Solar Hot Water systems already installed, are asking just how well they work and what they save.  The trouble is that houses with them don’t know when the boilers are heating the water – they just know when the sun is, but that is extremely different.  So this Blog along with give the answer while the accompanying White Paper will explain a lot of the work through which the question is answered.

In a Blog we cannot go into any detail but it is beyond doubt that the claims often made that “70% of your hot water through the year can be provided by Solar Panels” is simply eyewash.  Not remotely possible with conventional systems, and while the first White Paper analyses current performance, the second will show that viable performance can be achieved.  It will also give some detail about how to improve your hot water performance no matter how it is provided at minimum cost.

By taking the period from 9th March to 27th July 2009 it is shown that a SHW system would have, through this period, have saved only 26% of the gas or oil normally used to heat the water.  I suspect we will all think this an unbelievably small reduction.  Reading the White Paper (which is extensive as there is a big case to answer) will explain how the figures are produced and should leave you in no doubt.

Considering the winter period, conventionally SHW achieves very little indeed, and converting the energy savings which are approximated through the winter would mean the money savings are less than £40 – for that year.

The question is – How much would you spend to save £40 a year?  Certainly not the £5,000 or so normally charged.

But SHW is capable of being financially viable if not with existing systems and technology.  What is most important is that new houses are set up ready to retrofit viable systems, and we will cover this in the 2nd White Paper.

Mike (Hillard)