During an election campaign, given our party system, we, the voters, need to know what each party would do.  We should of course only be interested in what the candidates in our constituency would do for us.

This would mean each party would be telling us clearly what they want to achieve, but that isn’t happening.  What is?

Unbelievable amounts of negative campaigning and venom, seemingly led by the Labour Party, but all parties have the same sickness.

I am personally sick to death of hearing Gordon Brown ranting, not about what he would do, but about what damage the Conservatives would do if elected. Within seconds of him starting to speak he is shouting what damage the conservatives would do.  He seems to be stuck in another rut.

When I forced myself to listen to The Welsh Debate on your behalf, the same was true with the total exception of the Plaid Cymru speaker, but the biggest negatives came from Peter Hain.  In his final summing up I was aghast that his first words on the Labour Party policy were “The Tories * * * *”.  But he was summing up the Labour Party policy!!!!  He clearly has little positive to say on Labour policies. Absolutely dreadful.

And then today the same Peter Hain told us to “use your intelligence when you decide who to vote for”. What an insult.  Who on earth does he think he is?

It isn’t limited to these two as Yvette Cooper has followed her normal mode of communicating, shouting down every interviewer; never answering a question, and being as negative as the rest.  So too [but using a different sarcastic technique] is Lord Peter Mandelson.  They epitomize what is truly awful about where the political system has gone.  The words coming from some politicians are quite vitriolic and that is not what I want from any politician representing me.

It might seem that I have the least respect for the Labour Party – and I confess that is true – but this is because they are the worst at arguing in the negative.  On the other hand the principle of negative campaigning is anti democratic, and I hope that for the future we will use this knowledge to decide to fight for real political reform.  Not messing about with the voting system but a root and branch change.

Mike Hillard.