During an election surely we expect the most important issues to be discussed and that the parties explain where they stand on these. How have they done?

Let me list what I am very certain are the biggest issues facing the UK as we face this election:

  1. Climate Change – there may be some differing views on this subject, but the impact a changing climate would have makes it a way more important issue than anything else, or as I argue elsewhere – than everything else put together.   Did you hear anything from them about it?  No good Gordon Brown telling us it is the biggest problem facing the world; or David Cameron putting up a wind turbine and riding a dog sled in the Arctic, or Nick Clegg saying it is extremely high on his agenda – what do they propose to do?  Nothing it seems, so if you have climate worries there isn’t a major party you can vote for.
  2. Energy supply – The situation is that nuclear was supplying 20% of all our electricity and that within less than 5 years nearly all the nuclear stations are being phased out.  Meanwhile no party seems to be either telling us what they will do or explaining how the amount of electricity we use is going down.  To the contrary, they are all allowing immigration and Nick Clegg has an open house policy, so we need a lot more power we are not going to have.  What have they told us?  Nothing.
  3. The Economy – by 2014 each household will owe £62,000 in the National Debt as well as what they have personally borrowed.  It is huge, and the problems in Greece are almost exactly the same as we are about to face.  The only benefit we have is that we can let the £ fall or crash which the Greeks cannot do as they joined the Euro! The next Government has a massive financial problem which means it is certain there will be huge cuts in government expenditure.  Gordon Brown is conning us as he tells us most things are going to be supported – so what is being cut?  Nick Clegg does the same and only David Cameron says there will need to be an emergency budget but doesn’t tell us what he will cut.  But if he did we would not elect him would we?  NONE of them have been honest about this huge problem.
  4. The EU – is now at risk with First Greece in deep trouble but Portugal and Spain in very poor shape and others weak.  I am not a betting man but a failing EU is on the cards, and this would hugely affect our economy as well.  It could cause the UK to crash as there would likely be a further recession.  What have they told us?
  5. The Environment – It is so obvious that around the world, climate change or no climate change, our environment is deteriorating at a record rate.  Our UK consumption is a full part of that, yet have they explained how they will change this?  Guess what!  The answer is again NO.

So my argument is that none of them are explaining the biggest issues of our day, so none are worthy of election.  Indeed, the immorality we have seen with the way government runs, extends into the very fabric of the way they work and communicate with us.  Of course, we are all going to see whether I am correct or not as events will prove in a short time.