Now most who write on this subject quote figures estimated by others, but I rigorously researched the subject and worked out how many people the UK could support.  And at our current levels of consumption it is 21.8M – or 1/3 of those here.  But that needs us to use all the land for us, leaving nothing wild which isn’t right.  So leaving 25% for nature the figure would be 16.4M, or we are 4 times overpopulated.

But even this assumes all our energy comes from the fossil fuels, so if just our electricity had to come from our land we could only sustain about 9.2M – or we are about 7 times overpopulated. So the reality is that we urgently need the population to drop and not to rise.

Nick Clegg’s (and the Lib Dems) policy of giving an amnesty to all the current illegal immigrants, without him having any idea how many there are, is frankly dreadful.  By my estimation there are more than 1m of them, but then we would also have their dependants.  It would directly allow about 2M people to live here.

But his policy is also to have continuing immigration without limits, with those coming in being told where they have to work!  Wow!  Wonder how that wouldn’t work.

There is another directly related problem for his policy which is that he has also pledged to reduce class sizes to below 16 for secondary education and 20 for primary.  This will need huge numbers of additional teachers that we don’t now have, and with his rising population the numbers of additional teachers are mind blowing.  And along with that he says we have huge reductions in expenditure to face given the massive deficit the UK is running – so it begs the question – If Education is going to cost significantly more – shouldn’t he tell us where the huge cuts will be made?

Education, the NHS, Social Services, the Police, the Armed Forces, Pensions – something is going to go so I ask him – “What and by how much?”

A detailed White Paper on this subject can be found on ‘hyperlink’.

Mike Hillard