There is now an argument between the parties about CCTV cameras.  Whatever next!  And along with the cameras they are arguing about ‘Broken Britain’.

The trouble is that all the parties operate in a strange world where they constantly compare recent figures using only those (often incorrect anyway) that support their cause.  It is almost impossible for any of us to know what is right and what wrong – or who right and who wrong.  And the Labour Party has been obsessed with collecting figures since at least 1997 an often changes the rules.  So let me give them a different start point, and particularly the younger voters – a very different perspective.

I don’t apologize for the comparison, but I am in my prime and when I was young there were no CCTV cameras at all – a big fat NOUGHT!  And did we stay in or move around in fear?  Not a bit of I, as when I was of primary school age, I used to go out with my friends or on my own for hours on end into the local parks and other spaces.  We were free and when we are young we learn when we can play independently in lots of relatively fresh air.  Before you say “but he was living in the country” – I wasn’t – I was living in Chiswick in busy London and to get to the park I had to cross what is now the M4 in to central London.  I even walked my sister to school on my own when I was 9 and she 5 and that was to Turnham Green which was across Chiswick High Street.

When we used to leave the house we didn’t lock it, and until about 1975 nobody ever locked their cars.  We lived in a wonderfully free and open society which I think the younger generation simply doesn’t know existed.  Looking back we must yearn for that situation again.

So now our politicians are trying to solve the problem from the wrong end.  They have failed us and our country over the years by having both failing education and failing social systems.  We shouldn’t need more police – we should need less.  We shouldn’t want more cameras – we shouldn’t need them at all.  And we should want our politicians to address the real problems – not add more controls and cameras.

I have checked how many CCTV’s we have compared with other countries and got a shock:

San Francisco – 71

Sydney – 82

Paris – 326

London – 7431

It begs two questions:

  1. If Gordon wants more cameras, given the above can he please explain why?
  2. Is Britain perfectly fine or relatively broken? And shouldn’t the politicians be trying to fix the real problems?

Mike Hillard