The Tranquility Library

Is intended to remove the confusion surrounding so many Environmental subjects where opposite opinions are the norm. When money is involved the truth seems lost, so maybe readers should look on other documents to see how independent the author is, or the information source is.

It is hoped this Library will be considered a prime centre for integrity and excellence, and it is a promise that if published information were shown to be wrong – it would be withdrawn or corrected. With our planet in the state it is, there is no time for anything but the truth. But the whole truth.

The documents cover subjects in different detail, but the most informative should cover the subject particularly thoroughly:

Blogs: Introduce a subject or cover a smallish issue.

White Papers: Research a subject in detail and give the research, calculations and conclusions.

Reports: Involve original research of commercial value and cover specific subjects. These are therefore charged for.

The Papers are grouped under the following headings, but by the very nature of the Author’s work many could be under more than one. In today’s world, most things impact on many others.

Click on the Group to find all the papers on the subject so you can go straight to what you want.

Climate Page: – all matters to do with the Climate Change debate; the effects and the implications of any change, and the Authors Research & Conclusions.

  • Renewables: – Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Heat Pumps, Wind, Biofuel, Wood Chip Power, Biomass, Tidal, Wave
  • Non Renewables: – Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Water
  • Forests and Timber
  • Oceans and Fish
  • Transport: – Electric cars

The Economy:
Political System:
Other Topics:
White paper on underfloor heating