Newsletter 22 – Climate, The Presentation and the Film

Newsletter 22.
30th June 2013

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The Presentation and Film

by Mike Hillard

I am conscious the Newsletter has been rather neglected of late but that is because a great deal has been going on here as you will now see.

In the last one I advised I was giving a major presentation on my climate work in Cheltenham Town Hall on 21st June, but that was cancelled by the Town Hall – NOT by me. I was furious as I had put a lot of time and effort into setting it up and contacting people, but they were determined not to hold it. One spurious reason I was given was that the list of invitees included so many important people they didn’t feel they could take the responsibility for them!!!

When I booked the venue, time was tight but they assured me they could react extremely quickly and have the tickets on sale within about a week. In the event around 6 weeks later they were still ‘working’ on it at which time they simply cancelled it inviting me to take it somewhere else. I was never allowed to even speak with The Manager whose name was always withheld I so wasn’t able to argue the case. Moving venue would have required moving the date forward but that took it into the holiday period which I decided was unacceptable, so an alternative route to getting the presentation out has been adopted.


It is being released on film via the web (at least to start off with) but is filmed in HD ready for direct transmission on TV or elsewhere if required. I am hoping beyond hope that Aljazeera will take it, but time will tell.

As it seems our attention span is now very short, it is being made in 5 to 10 minute Parts, each of which stands independently but they go together to make the film. I expect the primary film will be around 20 Parts, after which I will be covering The Implications of the change I am predicting, but for those who want to demur from my figures, it will cover the implications of other temperature rises as well.

I take the view that only the tiniest fraction of the global population has any real concern over the changing climate, and the tiniest fraction of those have any real notion of the impacts it is going to have. So long as we don’t mind it ‘a bit warmer’ and imagine we individually are going to be ‘unaffected’ – we won’t be doing anything. The world will then be doing exactly what it already is – nothing at all on climate and driving for ever greater per caput consumption for an every growing human population. Our political systems are sterile in the face of any threat the changing climate poses. We have to address this knowledge gap for us, coming generations and all life on Earth.

This film is intended to explode some of the climate myths through scientific analysis and scientific explanations, taking us to a place where we can individually and collectively decide if we want to react, and if so – how and when.

The first 4 Parts can be seen on Vimeo at:

Mike’s Vimeo Channel

  • Part 1 – The Introduction
  • Part 2 – An idea of the impact a warming climate will have on population
  • Part 3 – When did man first alter the climate?
  • Part 4 – The Parasol effect

The next 2 parts are in edit and should be available within about a week. 6 more parts due to be filmed thee week after next.

I would be most grateful:

  • For feedback, as when you are in the hot seat you are not best placed to critique it, and for all our sakes it needs to be as good as we can make it.
  • Particularly could you all please pass this on to as many people as possible and could anyone in a position to send it to a wider (global?) audience please do so. A thousand of us cannot do this on our own but when enough people demand change it has to happen.


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