Newsletter 21 – Major Climate Presentation

Newsletter 21.
6th April 2013

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Major Climate Presentation

by Mike Hillard

I am going to give a truly ground-breaking public presentation on climate in Cheltenham Town Hall on the evening of 21st June 2013, and this is advice for newsletter readers so you can obtain tickets if you wish to attend. The following is the flyer for the event:


Please Note: This was cancelled by Cheltenham Town Hall!

Their logic defies me and belief.


Chaos with the weather!

Confusion with the science

The climate change issue is still mired in controversy and uncertainty even after all these years, yet it has the capacity to be the biggest problem mankind faces if the worst predictions come true. On the other hand, if it is a storm in a teacup, we are investing a huge amount of scientific research time and money into the problem and in danger of radically changing our economic way of life for no reason.

Time for a new approach

Mike Hillard presents his ground-breaking research and hypotheses

Mike has been working on this subject for 15 years with a completely different but fully scientific approach and his work is being presented for the very first time at this event. He will provide a completely new climate hypothesis which will conclude with the temperature any changing climate is leading us to. A number of currently unknown factors will also have hypotheses given that cover them, so it will be an exciting evening – and there can only ever be one first presentation when this line of evidence based scientific argument is put into the scientific and public domains.

The evening will be in 3 parts:

  • Part 1 – will cover the science and take us through to the hypothesis
  • Part 2 – will cover The Implications of the climate conclusion and
  • Part 3 – will be open for questions

Mike seeks only the truth and the reality, so in order to achieve that, all sides of the debate are invited along with those who are in positions to widen it. It is now important humanity reaches a consensus on this issue.

One outcome will be that scientific knowledge in this field will be expanded which should narrow the range of potential climate predictions. It will also put into the media domain a number of extremely important elements required to even start to understand the subject, enabling them to be more technically competent with their outputs.

The evening will be filmed but not streamed on the web so those in the media who don’t come will not be in a position to report on it. Mike promises a ground-breaking and riveting evening.


By its very ground-breaking nature I cannot say more than the flyer does about what it will cover, so this is as much as anyone will know before the presentation evening. I make the following points:

  • I want those from across the climate divide to be represented so all sides of the ‘argument’ should be there. The scientists, sceptics, politicians (national, European and from further afield), academics, business leaders, agricultural professionals and those from the world of finance. A number of young people from some major schools will also be invited as we need to cover the age spectrum as it is, after all, to be their world.
  • There is a substantive list of the above ‘invitees’ which could number up to 400, so as the venue seats 800 there are only 400 seats we can sell at the moment in the Main Hall.
  • The tickets are £12.50 but this includes liquid refreshment in both breaks which includes wines, beers, tea, coffee and fruit juices. I am conscious that in the first break those present will probably want to communicate strongly with those around them, so food will not be served and the bar will not be open. This gives maximum time for people to talk rather than queue.
  • Tickets are seat numbered.
  • If you wish to purchase tickets please contact the Town Hall from where they will be available early next week (8 April onwards):


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