Newsletter 19 – Are GM products safe?

Newsletter 19.

26th February 2013

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Genetically Modified Crops and the global Food System

by Mike Hillard

The problems

10. Are GM products safe for animals and humans to consume?

In my opinion there is nothing at all anywhere more important than the key issues around our survival which includes what we eat, drink and breathe – and our climate. There is no point having a lot of economic wealth if we aren’t healthy, and even being healthy isn’t a lot of use if our climate is running out of control. The reason I concern myself over the economy is that I know we need functioning economies to be able to do what will need to be done to deal as well as we can with climate.

I have put a great deal of energy and time into writing the Paper this Newsletter will take you to, but our health is crucial so I hope for 4 things from you and ask for them:

  1. That you will read it through thinking of the implications for you and your family.
  2. That if you feel it both important enough and sufficiently readable, you will circulate it to friends, family and others you know, inviting them to sign on for the newsletter. When it comes to releasing the climate hypothesis we all need as big an audience as possible.
  3. That you will forward it specifically to anybody in the agricultural, educational or political fields as we need our political system to understand the reality and our farmers to stop even contemplating growing GM. If we won’t buy it they won’t grow it.
  4. That you will challenge food producers and suppliers to show they are not knowingly or unknowingly including any GM source material in their products. Remember, the GM genie genes are in all cells of the plants so even products from the seeds or oils produced from GM crops will include the GM genes.

The world needs as much food produced as possible but it must be healthy and sustainably produced or it will do serious harm to humanity because it will ultimately decrease what can be sustainably produced.

If you live in the US (or South America or anywhere else feeding GM into the food supply chain) – good luck; do what you can as I have suggested and fight for GM labelling – but I am afraid you cannot get away from a polluted food supply system. For that you can blame the Corporations involved, the regulators and the politicians but not those trying to get the truth into the public domain.

There are many in the US fighting hard against GM but they have only their own resources to fight with while the biotech companies have eye–watering funds that they are throwing at it.

I cannot really say “Happy reading” but think you will greatly appreciate the Paper.

You can read the full article here on the Tranquility Library site


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