Newsletter 15 – How GM crops work

Newsletter 15.
20th November

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Genetically Modified Crops and the global Food System

by Mike Hillard

An explanation of how most of them work

And a serious look at their benefits

Now we know what GM crops and animals are; how they are created and how they are different from anything man has done before – in these next 2 Papers we look at exactly how they work (quite a surprise) and consider any benefits they provide and the problems that have arisen, so we can reach a balanced judgement on this form of agriculture.

Here in Part 2 we are only going to consider the benefits, or at least those things we were told would be benefits. To be able to decide if we want GM in our lives and across our lands, it is important we really understand the benefits and impacts they are having and can have. To decide with incomplete information is to be able to make a mistake.

As GM crops have been grown for nearly 20 years there has been time to discover the realities which we will explore in these next two papers – two because there are many issues to consider and I would rather give sufficient information to answer most questions than leave you wondering.

In Paper 2 we consider whether they produce a higher yield; have higher food or health values; how much they reduce the amounts of weed–killer (herbicide) and pesticide being used, and if they do indeed reduce the amount of energy used in agriculture. Each section has its own conclusion at the end with the explanations in the middle so it is easy just to read my conclusions, though with the information you will be better placed to decide if you agree or not. I am always up for further information so you are always welcome to mail me anything else you think would add to the knowledge base.
There is a summary at the end defining the sum of the benefits. It might be a surprising read.

You can read the full article here on the Tranquility Library site


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