Newsletter 14 – What is Genetic Engineering?

Newsletter 14.
26th October 2012

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Genetically Modified Crops
and the global Food System

by Mike Hillard

What is Genetic Engineering?
How is it different from what man did before?

This is a monumentally important subject and right now is a crucial time to decide if we want to go along with it or try to stop it. We are near a crossroads, though we have already crossed it! Time is therefore of the essence if we don’t want GM to be the normal form of global agriculture as that is exactly the avowed intent of at least Monsanto. They have stipulated that to be their aim.

In White Paper 1 on this subject – Genetically Modified Agriculture – we will look at the differences between how new plants came into being before man arrived on the planet; how they were developed by man from around 12,000 years ago to about 1950; how man has developed them using more scientific methods since then – and finally GM. It is crucial we understand the differences as without that knowledge we are a bit stuck to reach a firm conclusion about the technology.

We will discover exactly how GM plants are created, how the genes are inserted and will find it a hugely imperfect science, exactly the opposite of what the industry would have us believe. We will find those doing the work do not (and cannot) know what they have created. There may be many surprises, but unless or until we know at least the rudimentaries of the science, we won’t be able to take an educated view on what we think about it.

picture of a GM luminous rabbitAt the same time we will also see a few examples of what genetic modification has produced in animals, not such a well-publicised area of activity.

We will finally discover tiny things called ‘epigenes’ which seem to be hugely important in the GM process but that is explained too.

The biotech industry constantly tells us they do nothing new, nothing we haven’t done before, so in the Paper we will explode that myth. They also tell us the crops are absolutely safe, but we will examine that statement in Paper 2 as well as the impact GM was predicted to have, and now is having on our land and environment, and for perhaps for the first time we will examine the impacts these crops seem to be having on livestock, us and visiting animals and insects.

It is a bit of a rough ride but having the truth is essential to take an informed decision.

You can read the full article here on the Tranquility Library site


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