Newsletter 4 – Is man changing the climate?

Newsletter 4.


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The Climate Book Series

Part 2


Mike Hillard

With Part 2 of the Climate Book Series comes one of the biggest questions of all. Is man changing the climate and if so – When did we start doing that?  Nothing like dropping in at the deep end is there?It is all very well the scientists telling us they have huge confidence that we are changing our climate – but that statement neither appeals to those who hope we aren’t nor persuades the sceptics to doubt their arguments. Yet this is as fundamental as it gets. If we aren’t – let’s crack on with solving as many of the other problems as we can – but if we are, then maybe this is the biggest challenge mankind faces. After all, in Part 1 we have glimpsed the implications of even a mildly warming world (up 2° to 3°). Without even considering anything beyond agriculture (and therefore food production) we can see the impact such a small temperature rise could or would have on humanity. It could be sufficient to transform our future with radical implications for population numbers. And whatever concern we don’t have for us – our children’s lives could or would be dramatically altered by such a change. It wouldn’t be easy to handle a rapid drop in the global population – would it? So it matters. Burying our heads in the sand is not the answer.

The research in this Paper, as in Part 1, also breaks new ground, with many plots and much information shown that have again not been generally published. There would anyway not be a lot of point re-publishing well circulated material unless I could use it differently, but in this case it is pretty much all new. At the very least I have never seen, heard or read any of this anywhere before.

I will not pre-empt the Paper itself, because I hope the information flow in it leads us to some clearer or even clear conclusions, but as an example the detailed  history of our changing temperature (and CO2 levels) has not to my knowledge been published. We may have seen the Al Gore chart (in An Inconvenient Truth) but not much can be concluded from that nor did he try to conclude anything, but without conclusions or at least an information flow that leads to conclusions – it doesn’t achieve much. Except to raise awareness.

Chart of carbon dioxide levels about 238,000 years agoSo here is one chart in the Paper that shows in detail what the climate did through the Warm Period about 238,000 years ago. Working with this level of detail, real conclusions may be able to be, or can be drawn.
Photo of modern wheat

It may also be surprising just how many different things have to be taken into consideration when doing this work as even modern wheat gets in on the act. As I have said – this is a completely new approach.

Mike (Hillard)
You can read the full article here on the Tranquility Library site
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