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Newsletter 2.

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The Climate Book Series

Part 1


Mike Hillard

In the first Newsletter I indicated that most of them will not be of a marketing nature (if any!) and that they will cover particularly the subject of Climate along with other lightly academic works and developments in the business, which seems to be growing rather quickly – another new product being displayed in the Shambles Market in Stroud on the 6th January. Concern over climate naturally leads to working to reduce both energy consumption and C02releases, so there will also soon be Newsletters to help us all in these areas. I am not interested in publishing what others already have so it should all be new to most of us.

The full document which is Part 1 of a Series on Climate is published through the web site, where all of them will be posted as they are published. Here is a taster so you have some idea of the content. It is between impractical and impossible to publish the whole Paper through the newsletter, because the presentation is altered and it is impossible to use all the images that are in the paper – and will be in subsequent parts of The Series.

I hope you will wish to open it as none of this work has been published before and the content is also very different from anything you will have read. A big bold statement but I am of the opinion you will agree when you have read it.

Part 1 focuses on the impact a warmer world would have, because it may be much more dramatic than you currently imagine, and without understanding the scale of the impact on humanity – we won’t be bothering too much about it. It focuses on the impact of a changing climate (warmer or colder) on our food supply – but I won’t pre-empt the Paper. However, I could already add (not in the Paper) that we are witnessing right now some greatly increased ‘wind events’ around the world, which are doing ever more damage, and in due time we will explain why a warmer world will be a windier one. But here is an important fact about the energy in wind! If you double the wind speed you don’t double the energy in it (and therefore the damage). You don’t even increase it by the square of the wind speed – so 2 x the speed = 4 x the energy. The energy is the cube of the wind speed – so 2 x the speed does = 8 x the energy – and damage. We might feel after reading the Paper that our very future depends on the climate not warming too much. After all, unless you are reaching the end of your life – you will be witnessing the changes.

Just to indicate what the paper includes, here is the map of the world (explained in the Paper) showing the habitable areas when the temperature is just 8½° colder than now. But even the scientists have a figure like that in their sights for the increase we might have to cope with.

Global Glacial Map
We also glimpse some population truths, after which I explain how I have approached Climate research and how I have therefore done the work. I argue against climate modelling and indicate how my approach is real and based on facts rather than incomprehensible computer programmes.I hope you will ‘enjoy’ this Paper and the Series, and if you feel there are others who might like to, or should, read these papers, please invite them to enlist for the Newsletter.

Mike (Hillard)

You can read the full article here on the Tranquility Library site
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