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Tranquility has ceased trading. This site remains for now for information and inspiration.
We had a list of products all made from these beautiful timbers. The range was:

union flag imageAll British, all our products were made in the lovely Cotswolds.

Our aim was to offer truly sustainable products with the lowest carbon footprint we could manage but they must all be beautiful, practical and really affordable as well. There is no need to live with anything other than beautiful things around us even going into a low energy world and these improve our feeling of well-being and encourage us not to replace things. We intended all our products to last ’a lifetime’.
Our Brand Ethos document explains what we do and why we do it.

Tranquility Project

Details of the Tranquility Project will be added here. Meanwhile information regarding it can be found on the old Tranquility Project site‘.

Tranquility Information

There is a lot of information on this site covering two distinctly different areas but the Newsletter is a third regular means of circulating information. This will circulate any new Papers being published so you don’t have to keep checking to see what is new on the site as well as informing about the business. We would be most grateful if you know of anyone who would be interested in receiving the newsletter if you could invite them.

Many documents explain the various products, why they are what they are and in the case of the flooring – how to lay them, what to lay them on etc. etc. The product Home pages introduce the products and give links to the documents relevant to the product.

The majority of the information covers various subjects which are all to do with the environment in one way or another, written by Mike and published through this web site. All are intended to be relatively easy reads and the newest is the Climate Book Series, designed to work through some of the significant parts of the book which will be published when the series has covered sufficient elements. There are also Papers going through many low Energy housing solutions where you will also find Papers covering national issues on energy production. There are further Papers on Climate, Population, Economics, Politics and other environmental topics. (Note: if economics seems unrelated to the environment – fast economic growth consumes the dwindling global resources ever faster, and the Political system has shown itself to be quite unable to grasp anything environmental at all).

Mike has no vested interest in almost anything he writes about, and being interested only in the truth nothing is slanted to prove a point or drive readers to a certain viewpoint. Integrity is king, and if anything can be shown to be incorrect we will publish the correction.

Above all else, if you read something anywhere – first ask yourself if the writer had an interest in the subject. Don’t believe anybody selling anything unless shown to be true and please note marketers pick only the bits that sell their products.